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Concrete Leveling Near Monroe, Shreveport, Ruston

If you have sinking concrete around your home, Level Tech can lift and restore your concrete to help eliminate trip hazards and pooling water problems. We level concrete driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, and slabs using a proven polyurethane foam injection solution called PolyLevel®.

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What Causes Uneven Concrete

As soil underneath a concrete slab shrinks, settles or washes away, this leaves empty space, or voids, beneath the slab. With the soil no longer supporting the slab, the concrete will sink, creating an uneven surface.

Uneven slabs are nuisances for both home safety and curb appeal. Since slabs are also a tripping hazard, they can also become a liability issue. Fortunately Level Tech has an easy solution.

Quickly and Effectively Lift Sunken Concrete with PolyLevel®

PolyLevel uses a high-density polyurethane foam to fill voids and stabilize and lift sinking concrete slabs. The expanding properties of the two-part urethane formula allows for accurate leveling of the slab. The result is a waterproof repair that’s cleaner, faster and much more permanent than mudjacking and other common concrete repair methods.

How PolyLevel® Works

Small 5/8” holes are strategically drilled in the slab.

Injection ports are installed.

Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the concrete to fill voids and raise the slab.

Holes and control joints are sealed.

Advantages of PolyLevel

  • Non-invasive Installation

  • Quick Installation and Cure Time

  • Accurate Lift for Clean Results

  • Adjustable for All Loads and Sizes

Concrete Leveling FAQ

Is PolyLevel Expensive?2023-11-16T10:48:36-06:00

PolyLevel is cost-effective because it offers a solution that is long-lasting, unlike mudjacking and slab replacement. And your concrete will never cost less to repair than it does right now.

How soon can I use my driveway/patio/pool deck/sidewalk?2023-11-16T10:48:34-06:00
PolyLevel cures very quickly. In fact, you can drive your car over a driveway slab just 15 minutes after it’s been lifted with PolyLevel.


Is PolyLevel environmentally friendly?2023-11-16T10:48:33-06:00

Yes. PolyLevel is made from an environmentally friendly material that is waterproof and won’t degrade over time. This means it won’t leach harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil.

Can I get PolyLevel from another contractor?2023-11-16T10:48:31-06:00
No. PolyLevel is a proprietary product developed by Foundation Supportworks and is available exclusively from Level Tech and other concrete repair contractors in the Foundation Supportworks network.


I want to lift and level my concrete. What’s the next step?2023-11-16T10:48:30-06:00

Call or click for an appointment. One of our design specialists will come to your home and inspect your concrete. He or she will then sit down with you and explain what caused your issues, how they can be fixed and exactly what it will cost.

PolyLevel® Applications

If you have a driveway that’s sunken or uneven, replacing it might not be the most cost-effective option. We can use PolyLevel to raise the concrete, creating an even surface and preventing further sinking and cracking. Our driveway leveling process can eliminate unsafe conditions and improve the curb appeal of your home. The life of your driveway will also be extended for years without the need for replacement.

An uneven sidewalk not only looks bad, but it creates a tripping hazard. If the concrete slab is still intact, don’t waste your money on replacing the concrete. With PolyLevel, we can raise your sunken sidewalk, allowing you to walk on the sidewalk within an hour. Our sidewalk leveling process saves you time and money.

Patios, Porches & Landings

You shouldn’t have to worry about tripping on uneven concrete when relaxing on your patio. You might also notice your table and chairs wobbling because of uneven concrete. Concrete leveling can eliminate these issues and provide a safe, even surface.

Concrete Floors & Slab Foundations

If your home has sloped floors, cracks in floor tiles, gaps below baseboards, gaps at the tops of walls or sticking doors, you might have a concrete settlement problem. Our use of polyurethane foam for concrete floor leveling is a long-lasting alternative to self-leveling treatments.

Concrete Pool Decks

Has your concrete pool deck seen better days? Worried about the cracked, uneven deck causing tripping hazards? PolyLevel can raise your concrete pool deck back to its original position and help restore your backyard pool area into the oasis it once was.

Commercial, Industrial or Municipal Concrete Leveling Solutions

PolyLevel can be used for a broad range of applications, such as concrete lifting and leveling, void filling, soil stabilization and leak repair. Learn more about our commercial PolyLevel services in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Traditional Concrete Leveling Solutions vs PolyLevel®

Before PolyLevel, there were two basic options for lifting and leveling concrete: mudjacking and slab replacement. Both approaches have limitations and disadvantages. PolyLevel offers many advantages over traditional concrete leveling methods.

PolyLevel® vs. Mudjacking

PolyLevel Foam InjectionMudjacking or Slabjacking
Cure Time15 minutes24 hours or more
Material Weight2 lbs per cubic foot100 lbs per cubic foot
Hole Size5/8″ (size of a penny)1″ (size of a quarter)

PolyLevel® vs. Concrete Replacement

Replacing a concrete slab is both expensive and disruptive. Concrete slabs can take days — or even weeks — to cure. Pouring new concrete over bad soil often delays future problems and leaves unsightly patchwork. PolyLevel material is lightweight, so it won’t add weight to weak soil. Best of all, PolyLevel allows for use of concrete within hours, not weeks.

If your concrete is structurally-sound, why replace it? Replacing the concrete won’t fix the soil problem that’s causing the settlement. Concrete leveling is the answer.

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