Common Foundation Problems

Foundation Wall Problems

Common signs of a foundation wall problem include stair step cracking, inward tilting, and bowing or buckling.

Floor Problems

Floor cracks, separation between walls and floors, and sagging or bouncy walls and floors all indicate a foundation problem.

Soil Problems

The soils surrounding your home have a huge impact on the long term stability and condition of your foundation.

Sticking Windows and Doors

Any opening made in a wall represents a weak point. That’s why foundation settlement will often cause cracks around window and door openings, as shown above

Tilting Chimney

A full masonry chimney can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. If your chimney’s foundation (or the soils underneath that foundation) are unable to support the weight of the chimney, it will begin to tilt.

Sagging Garage Lintel

These stairstep cracks in the brick above a Monroe garage are signs of garage lintel failure.

Ignoring a sagging garage door lintel puts the bricks above at risk of falling, decreasing both the curb appeal and safety of your property.

Types of Concrete Structures We Can Fix

Sidewalk Repair
Driveway Repair
Pool Deck Repair
Foundation Repair
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