• Lifting Unfixable home in Bossier City, LA

    Our crew lifted this home several inches. We fixed what the owners of this home thought to be unfixable.

    After noticing issues occurring on the inside of their home they decided to contact us. We then sent one of our technicians out to the home to give them an estimate. After our technician went through multiple different solutions with these homeowners, they decided to go with our helical pier all-steel foundation solution.

    After confirming a date for the installation, our crew was there and happy to put these customers back on solid ground!!

  • Sunken Street with Pooling Water in Bossier City, LA

    This sidewalk in Bossier City, LA was overcome with pooling water from recent rains. The business owners of this area were looking for a solution that would alleviate the issue for their customers as it made crossing the road a nuisance.

    Level Tech lifting came out and determined that by lifting that section of the street the water would properly drain. After inserting the PolyLevel foam injection, the road lifted and people were able to walk and drive over the section securely after just 30 minutes. Rain no longer pools in the walkway!