• Cracked Pool Deck in West Monroe, LA

    This family’s pool deck in West Monroe, LA, had a giant crack along one of the concrete borders that was only growing by the season. They reached out to Level Tech lifting, who came out to assess the area.  Level Tech provided the right solution for this family, leveling the concrete and sealing the crack, and they can now enjoy this communal area knowing it is not a safety concern.

  • Uneven driveway in Alexandria, LA

    These homeowners were very concerned about the cracks and void in their driveway. As you can see here, they were a HUGE tripping hazard. They knew this was something that needed to be fixed right away, and if it wasn’t, it would only continue to worsen over time.  We see properties with these same issues all the time, so we were happy that these homeowners decided to give us a call. After sending one of our technicians out to their home to give them an estimate, we were able to schedule a date with these homeowners to send our crew out so they could seal these cracks and fill the void using our Polylevel foam. These homeowners were extremely pleased with the outcome of this job, and we were more than happy to help them eliminate this major tripping hazard.

  • Choudrant, LA Storage Unit with Cracked Concrete Floors

    cracked uneven concretesealed and leveled concrete

    The owner of this storage unit in Choudrant, LA was concerned about the cracks in their concrete floor. The cracks were not always this size and the owner was concerned that if he did not address them it would be a bigger issue long term. We see cracks like this all the time, and we are glad the owner did the right thing and reached out. After coming out to the location and assessing the cracks we knew we could help. We injected our PolyLevel foam into the quarter sized holes we drilled into the surface of the broken concrete. We proceeded to inject the liquid and witness the foam start to form below the surface and lift the sunken concrete. To top it off, we sealed the sections of the concrete as a final measure.

  • Driveway Concrete Repair

    This job took us a day and the driveway looks brand new! Our Poly Foam is half the price of pouring a new slab of concrete, and it is able to be used 15 minutes after we leave rather than days. We used Nexus to repair the cracks, and Poly Foam to lift and level it.

  • Driveway Repair and Leveling in Alexandria, LA

    This circle drive was completed by our Poly crew. They had a challenge with the brick design that was on the concrete, but upon completion the customer was satisfied by how close we were able to match the Nexus to the design on the concrete.

  • Aggregate Driveway Repair

    This customer could not believe that his aggregate driveway could be fixed. We showed him that it could by using our patented products! Instead of replacing his concrete all we had to do was repair it!

  • Severely cracked driveway in Shreveport, LA

    These homeowners in Shreveport, LA told us that their driveway couldn’t be fixed. Thankfully, we were able to put them back on solid ground in just one day, while also eliminating all tripping hazards.

  • Pool deck leveled in Monroe, LA

    We were happy to put this customer back on solid ground!! With summer right around the corner he wanted to eliminate all tripping hazards around his pool by using our PolyLevel Foam and by cleaning and preparing joints and cracks as needed to install our NexusPro Sealant.

  • Pool Deck Repair in Quitman, LA

    Your pool deck can look like this!

    This customer in Quitman, LA, called and said that her pool deck was unfixable! We were able to save her summer in just one day with our concrete products!

  • Pool Deck Corner Nexus

    This pool deck was needing to get ready for summer! We lifted and leveled this corner with our PolyLevel Foam and NexusPro Joint Sealant. No more water worries here!

  • Patio leveled in Texarkana, TX

    Our team was happy to put this family back on solid ground!! We were able to lift and level their patio with PolyLevel to help avoid this massive trip hazard. We also sealed the joints with NexusPro to protect the fix and keep the concrete looking good for the long term.