• Cracked Pool Deck in West Monroe, LA

    This family’s pool deck in West Monroe, LA, had a giant crack along one of the concrete borders that was only growing by the season. They reached out to Level Tech lifting, who came out to assess the area.  Level Tech provided the right solution for this family, leveling the concrete and sealing the crack, and they can now enjoy this communal area knowing it is not a safety concern.

  • Cracked Brick Pool Deck in Monroe, LA

    The owner of this home in Monroe, LA was worried about an elevated crack in their brick pool deck. It was not only a tripping hazard but also an overall safety concern as the gash was sharp.

    They reached out to Level Tech for a solution. We recommended that we apply our PolyLevel foam under the surface of the brick to raise and secure the sunken portion. The homeowner approved the idea and they now have a safer pool area because of it.